Month: July 2014

Unsung Heroes


So we try new products every now and then but then some products continue to work tirelessly in the background without much limelight or acknowledgment or appreciation. I’m not referring to products we road test and write reviews about. These heroes quietly work away in background without whom we may find ourselves handicap to carry out our daily menial skincare and makeup tasks.

So here’s a list some of my absolute Super Heroes without whom all the new lovely skin or hair care products would lose its charm!

  • Muslin Cloth – Sheer Awesomeness to remove makeup with balm or oil cleanser
  • Flannel/Face Cloth – same as above and also steam my face to open those pores and thoroughly clean them. This method is such a source of relaxation….Nirvana (refer to Emma Hardie Cleansing Balm review)
  • Shampoos I don’t like for my mane – just because they dint cut it for my tresses they move onto next most important thing, cleaning my makeup brushes. Not only they smell great, it cleans them thoroughly, conditions the bristles and mostly doesn’t make my frugal ass feel guilty of wasting a product!
  • Cotton tips or Q tips – to smudge eyeliners/shadows, blend eyeshadow, cleaning or sharpening lines around eyes (yes strong winged liner, I’m talking to you) and bleeding lips (not literally…obvs!)
  • Paw Paw ointment – dry or cracked lips, heels, elbows, knees, cuticle, burns, rash you name it.
  • Birchbox Boxes or Shoe boxes – helps me organize small sample sachets, sample pots, travel stuff etc
  • Sample containers – once the sample is tried tested or plain thrown, I thoroughly wash the containers and use them when I travel. Small, light, portable and can squeeze only as much I need for a trip!
  • Tweezers – my BFF…need I say more?


I’m probably still doing them injustice by grouping them in one post, but let’s vow to start here and I shall continue to deliver them persistent words of appreciation, kindness and glorify them till cows come home!

My life without you fellas is incomplete and dysfunctional. Just because I don’t say love you every day doesn’t mean I don’t value your existence in moi life. Know this in your heart till your last breath, I have always and will always love you, admire you, respect you and cherish you till my last breath.

<Completely carried away with emotions…>



How can we keep H2O interesting and consume more?

8 Glasses a day

We’ve all been preached gazillion times before to drink 8-10 glasses of water to ensure healthy hair, skin and health in general. But let’s face it, water isn’t exactly vodka which leaves us with craving more. This post certainly isn’t gonna give water the buzz that you would have from vodka consumption but hopefully it gives you some helpful tips of how water can be consumed more. Our relationship with water needs work to keep it interesting and this is how I work at it:

  • Healthy Teas – I love green teas (antioxidants) and flavored teas minus ANY sugar or any form artificial sweeteners
  • Fruitilicious – sliced oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruit, berries…whatever you prefer
  • Hungry or Thirsty? – When you’re feeling tad pekish, I would recommend first having a glass of water to determine if your body is truly hungry or thirsty
  • Temperature Game – Good ol’ plain water at any temperature icy cold, lukewarm, hot whatever tickles your fancy. For me personally lukewarm to hot water
  • One for one – in order to flush toxins from system especially when you consume copious amounts Caffeine or Alcohol or Wine. For every glass of caffeine, alcohol or wine you have, have one glass of water. Follow an alternating sequence wine-water, wine-water, wine-water……….this way you eliminate crappy feeling next morning. Helps with unwanted face swelling, bloating, quessy tummy, all that good stuff
  • Hourly reminders – Set reminders on your phone to have a glass of water, this way you are compelled to get up and get some H2O (that’s why Siri was invented!)
  • Before & After – have a glass before and after meal each meal and this way you don’t over eat

How do you manage your water intake? How do you ensure your body has had enough water? Share your tips in comments below.


My Thoughts: Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

Emma Hardie Amazing Face Moringa Cleansing Balm

I’m definitely not the first or the last reviewer of this product. It’s achieved a cult status among bloggers from myriad backgrounds. And I’m here to add my two cents to the rave & rant. Being in USA, I had to purchase this online ($66) however due to very high demand I had to wait till it was back in stock.

Emma Hardie Moringa Cleansing Balm with Cleansing Cloth

Finally the much awaited moment came, and the first thing I do is take a nice deep breath sniffing the pot of goodness! Lush is all I can say, although there may be a possibility that this scent ain’t for all. I take a clean spatula and smear the balm all over my face. Good Lord, it smells awesome and just melts my makeup (yes Revlon Colorstay I’m talking about you). I kept massaging it in my face until I had a sensory overload. Then soaked flannel/face cloth/wash cloth (whatever you refer it in your respective country) in warm water and let it rest on my face. Emma Hardie has her own Cleasing Cloth, which has flannel texture on one side and smooth texture on another. With extreme paranoia of using anything white, I’ve yet to try her cleansing cloth.

After a long day, nothing comes close to a state of tranquility and relaxation as this step. The epilogue of warm flannel steam mixing with the balm’s scent is Nirvana (technical term:aromatherapy of sorts.

It left my skin soft, supple, clean, no uncomfortable stretched feeling. Subsequently followed by another cleanser (part of my 2 step cleansing process).

This indulgence is blatantly blamed on and enabled by Mrs. Caroline Hirons.

The balm is marketed not only as cleanser but also as rescue balm, mask. Now I haven’t tried it as rescue balm however smeared it all over my face as mask and continued doing my laundry (30 mins)! Once again I took it off with warm flannel and it left my skin soft as baby’s bottom and calmed some redness on my face. Personally I think I can justify the price with its multipurpose properties but certainly not an everyday indulgence for me.

Have you used it? What are your thoughts?