Mask Goodness – WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask

P1000684I lurveeee face masks, the whole routine is my way to escape from daily mundane tasks. Basically little me-time. So today I will talk about Wei Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask. I first heard about this mask on A Model Recommends and ever since I was so curious to try it, not for its ancient Chinese theory claims but simply for its packaging (extremely shallow move….I know!).

Lets dive straight in, it comes in 8 little tubs of goodness arranged like beautiful chocolate box! Now they make look little but each pot lasts me at least 3 uses  (tight cling film the leftover). The content of the pot is rich brown mud mask (seriously looks like chocolate). Definitely not your standard mud mask, its much easier to work with. Plus it comes with a brush for applying the mask, and this is a fabulous touch. I have used this brush for applying many other masks (such as Glamglow, D-tox Purifying Mask, etc). Feels so strangely relaxing to apply with brush…like in a day spa.

P1000686On application its slight tingly however in no way its uncomfortable plus doesn’t last long. I leave it on for half an hour, complete laundry or do my nails or unload dishwasher. Weirdly all of above activities are therapeutic (yes I’m weirdo, I get it). Then I warm wash cloth, lightly steam my face and wipe mask off my face. Skin glows! Yes skin glows, it also looks tighter and brighter. Its perfect for that time of month when skin isn’t at its best.

The mask certainly doesn’t come cheap however over period of time I can justify it. The Accountant/Auditor in me did simple math, here we go: 8 pots * 3 uses per pot = 24 uses. Therefore, $1.75 per use, and a brush that can last for many many other mask application! Steallllll and definite repurchase.

WEI Golden Root Purifying Mud Mask – $42



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