Ooops I did it again!….

A visit to TJ Maxx always leads to unnecessary purchases (sometimes necessary to my defense!). So here’s my damage from today:


Federic Fekkai Full Volume Shampoo – Definitely needed purchase. I was genuinely out of shampoo, and even if I wasn’t, shampoo is consumable item so no big whoop! Moving on from my justification….

The Body Shop Japanese Cherry Blossom Body Butter – on the onset of winter, I thought I’d stock up on good, delish fragrances body butters. Now again a needed purchase because I don’t have other body butters that smell like this…and you know we need to change things a little every now & then

Next 2 purchases….what was I thinking however excited to try them!

My Spa Life Shimmering Under Eye Revitalizer with 24K Gold – Pffftt yeah right, 24K gold my arse! Apparently it claims to have anti aging benefits and tightens skin around eyes.  The gold brightens and collagen tightens….only time will tell when I give it a go.

Bamboo Spa Revitalizing Eye Masks – What’s the point of buying something when you don’t have anything to compare with…right? So I purchased this lil baby! Enriched with Vitamin B3 and Aloe Vera it claims to reduce wrinkles and smooth fine lines, improve dark circles, and instantly soothe and hydrate tired eyes. Something tells me this would be best to try when I’m seriously hungover, I guess you get the drift 😉

Total damage $24.96 <happy dance>




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