Month: November 2014

Battling Head Cold – Health & Beauty Edition

Last Friday I was down with a head cold, and felt like utter crap! Firstly let me tell you some of my symptoms: felt like I was run over by Optimus Prime, dint want to walk, dint want to talk, no human interaction, just sleep away like a hibernating zombie, felt like Metallica was playing a head banging concert in my head which hurt, irritated and sore throat leading to congested nasal track.


Health: I’m the kinda person who hates medication because everything thereafter tastes like poop. Having said that, I shoved down some Mucinex (but of course take medication that you know works for you) with warm water. Hand in hand with lots of bed rest, consumption of clean food (I mean no processed food), and minimal exercise like walking around the house. My kryptonite for cold or flu or any sickness is a steaming hot shower or lavender soak bath to thoroughly cleanse myself (more psychologically) and steam opens up congested nasal tracks. Blow my nose away to glory until I can breathe through my nose and not my mouth. In saying so, be careful to not blow aggressively which increases risk of damaging your ear drum. Another fantastic product I discovered through my doc was NeilMed Sinus Rinse to clear congestion. More user friendly compared to Neti pot but with fabulous results.

Now that I feel cleansed what do I do with my shit looking face:


Skin Battle – Temporary sickness has made my skin look awful, grey, pale, mucussed out (don’t know if that is even a legit term), lack luster, majorly dehydrated and makeup went on rubbish. Post hot shower I thoroughly moisturize every inch of my skin.

Cleanse & Tone – Andalou Natural Apricot Probiotic Cleanser followed by some Avalon Organics Vitamin C toner.

Moisture – Priori Barrier Repair Complex on my skin and Dr Jart Ceramidin Cream near nose (constant blowing nose made skin tender).

Lips – Incredibly dry like lizards skin (because with congested nose I breathe through my mouth resulting in mega dry lips) I used Malin & Goetz Lip Moisturizer.

Makeup – light coverage Rodial BB Cream with cream blush – Bobbi Brown Blush Rose.

After all this I received lots of TLC from husband which made me all better. He worked from home to look after me…..Aww



Birchbox – November 2014

Before I say anything, I want to say out aloud I love this month’s box!

P1000908 P1000905

amika Dry Shampoo – yet to try but packaging is super cute!

Dr. Jart + Ceramidin Cream – this is a great dupe for Priori Barrier Repair Complex, very lightly fragranced and easily absorbed in skin. Considering a full size purchase.

Gilchrist & Soames – what…why Birchbox? This was one sample that seemed like a complete cop out with no effort. Mehhh but who doesnt use a body wash?! The scent of this body wash would be an acquired taste, not my cuppa!

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Sensitive – I was really looking forward to this one in particular, I have been curious about this product for a while. World knows I’m an AHA junkie so this product ticks all boxes ingredients wise. On application no tingling sensation on my skin, it felt tight as it dried but not uncomfortable at all. When I washed my face with cold water my skin was red which barely lasted for 3-4mins. Very curious to try the full strength one.

the Balm Cindy Lou-Manizer – little goes a very long way! Love using this as a highlighter when I’m wearing peachy toned blush.

Yet to devour the delicious sample of Almond Butter.

Did you Like or Love your box this month?

Happy Weekend my lovelies …..


Power of Red Lips

Let’s play a word association game. When someone says the word “red lips” to you what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

In my head several words emerge such as sexy/sexual, powerful, alluring, empowering, seduction, sophisticated, deceiving, classic, statement, hot, passionate, love, attention, and many more. Over the years we have seen or read endless posts or articles on how to choose a perfect red, which skin tone should go for bluish red or orangey red….blah blah blah. I for one, don’t want to refer to rule books to define what and how to use this color. I believe if you’re confident and poised enough to pull off the look, so be it.

Having said all of that, these are some of my personal favorites red lipsticks. I adore them for number of reasons, such as how it makes me feel, evokes wonderful memories…and list could go on.

Red Lipsticks

(From left to right)

Flormar D40 (Turkish Brand) – My work red, sheer finish and not in your face but subtly hinting I like red lips.

Mac Hot TahitiDitto above.

Estee Lauder After Hours Red – Christmas….thats all I think of. This shade has some shimmer to it which gives it wonderful dimension. The red is more on pinkish end. 

Mac Lady Danger – Notorious, irresponsible riot is all I think of when I wear this lipstick. Loud, orangey red, completely in your face. Unapologetically screams for attention.

Mac Russian Red – Ah this one would be classic red with a pop of brightness. Love this color, classic red but on my skin tone it looks bright but perfect! I think absolutely anyone can work the heck out of this shade.

Chambor 704 – easy to pull off with slight bricky tone to it. This lipstick gives minty sensation when applied to lips straight from bullet. Again absolutely anyone can pull it off.

NYX Hero – for me this is a classic red – poster girl type red, screams old school elegance and sophistication. So creamy on application, this lipstick is an absolute steal at its price.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb – Cheap as chips, great pigmentation. Intense dark cherry when I feel fierce.

So tell me, what are your favorite red lipsticks? How do you feel when you use red lipsticks?


My Autumn/Fall Fragrances – Part Un


As the seasons change my preferences for fragrances change. These are some of the fragrances I have been reaching out for lately:

L’occitane Ambre (sadly discontinued) 

Top notes are bergamot and freesia; Middle notes: labdanum and tonka bean; Base notes: amber, vanilla and cedar.

I absolutely adore this fragrance, been through 3 bottles in its time. I wonder why L’occitane decided to discontinue it. I can barely get the top note of bergamot on my skin, but the middle and base notes are intense and last all day on my skin. The amber and cedar develops into a warm, cosy, balmy fragrance with an incredibly comforting feeling.

Chanel No.19

Top notes: green notes and bergamot. Middle notes: May rose and iris. Base notes: vetiver, oakmoss and leather.

Oh my, how much I love this fragrance. It makes me feel like a lady, a proper lady. It starts off on a very strong sophisticated clean note, sharp, crisp, defined, and heady much like an intimidating lady. But as it settles on skin and you get to know her, you realize she is warm, sensual, elegant, and an essence of perfection.

Prada ‘Amber’ Eau da Parfum 

Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, mimosa absolute; Middle notes: rose absolute, patchouli absolute; Base notes: labdanum, Tonka beans, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin

I really don’t like its opening notes, it does put me off. But this one requires patience, and as you persist with it you will experience most creamy seduction of vanilla, with patchouli and rose. It dark, sexy and enduring.

L’Erbolario Myrrhae 

Notes include: myrhh, incense, ginger and clary sage.

I have a love hate relationship with this fragrance. It starts off intensely sweet powdery scent and then as it settles in a couple of hours I smell myrrh with ginger. I have experienced purest form of incense and this one smells very synthetic, and unpleasant. Overall the concoction is wonderful so I prefer to spray on collar of my shirt or scarf. Mixed feelings.

What are some of your favorites for the season or perhaps an all time favorite?


Slumber Masks and Peel

P1000883I’m a workaholic by nature and I absolutely love the idea of products toiling away for me as I’m catching up on my zzzzzzz. For a workaholic like me, making time for spa/facial seems like a tall order therefore having products that work on my skin overnight is like a dream come true. It’s the least disruptive way of treating your skin and when you wake up its plump, hydrated and refreshed.

I have trialed few products which I use in a rotation:

Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask ($25) – Fruity aroma, thick cream texture and I occasionally use it as my night moisturizer. I’m pretty sure Origins don’t recommend using it every night, but I do and I love it! It doesn’t cause any breakouts and my skin feels seriously hydrated next morning.

Laneige Water Sleeping Mask ($23) – Light bluish color gel consistency with no noticeable smell. It absorbs instantly in the skin with no tacky residue.

Super Facialist Una Brennan Rose Intense Moisture Mask (£8.99) – I just want to take a moment and rave about heavenly rose scent. OMG if you love roses, this is it!!! Anyway regular cream texture which forms a part of my aromatherapy overnight mask.

Derma E Evenly Radiant Overnight Peel ($16.95) – Now this product doesn’t specifically get categorized as an overnight mask however the results it delivers next morning are nothing short of fabulous. I use 3-4 pumps of this cream on my AHA toned skin, slight tingling sensation but nothing dramatic as such. Next morning, my skin appears to be well rested and noticeable improvement in overall tone and texture.

Beauty Diary Arbutin Refreshing and Whitening ($15.99) – As we all know these are the mask sheets and you might wonder why do I have these under overnight masks category. The serum/liquid/goodness the mask sheets are soaked in, provides the skin with wholesome goodness. After the mask sheet has completely dried, usually there is a bit more liquid left in the packet which I don’t toss away but liberally apply on my skin.

Schaebens Feuchtigkeits Maske (with Aloe Vera + Avocado + Urea) – Ok its easy to be put off by the word Urea on packaging! I totally get it. This mask comes in thick creamy texture, I use it like Origins Drink Up Intensive Mask and results are similar.