Month: November 2014

Summarized for You: Skin Rules by Debra Jaliman

IMG_3595Recently I mentioned I was at the City Library where I stumbled upon these awesome books. I thought it might be valuable to summarise my readings from some of these books and post it for you all 🙂 Below is a summary of points from Skin Rules by Debra Jaliman’s book.

Good skincare doesn’t have to complicated or expensive. In her opinion there are 70 odd simple rules for good skin:

(Disclosure: I realize its an odd spot for a disclosure but I should make myself clear that I personally don’t agree with all 70 odd points below. These are straight from the book and would recommend you choose a course of action best for your skin).

  1. Don’t waste money on expensive cleansers – spend it on moisturizers, sunscreens and anti-ageing product
  2. Right cleanser is the key
  3. Makeup removal and cleansing are not the same
  4. Wash your face correctly
  5. Remove makeup before going to sleep
  6. Cleanse every morning and evening
  7. To tone or not to tone depends on skin type
  8. Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate
  9. Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall use a daily moisturizer with sun protection
  10. Skin changes with seasons and with the years, and skin care should change too
  11. Eyes are special and need special products
  12. Ditch the fake lashes and grow real ones instead
  13. Everybody needs sunscreen, but moisturizers are a different story
  14. Its sun that ruins skin, not age
  15. Vitamin D is good but not when it comes from sun
  16. Choose sunscreens carefully and learn which ingredients are right for you
  17. Buy physical sunscreens that are white not clear
  18. Toss that old sunscreen and get new one
  19. Steer clear of sunscreens with Retinyl Palmitate – vitamin A promotes cell turnover
  20. A city sunblock is not enough for outdoor sports
  21. Eyes, lips and hands needs sun protection too
  22. Sunscreen Pill – Heliocare OTC sun protection however does not replace suncare
  23. The suspicious looking mole should be checked by a Dermatologist so should the ones that don’t look suspicious
  24. Tanning beds and salons should be made illegal
  25. For that real, tanned look, fake it
  26. It is definitely possible to have a too much of a good thing – careful use of tretinoin. Retinol and AHA’s
  27. Take it nice and slow – build gradual tolerance on skincare
  28.  Proceed with caution when it comes to sensitive skin
  29. The washing machine can be unsuspected source of misery – people with allergies to avoid softeners and dryer sheets. Tip – put laundry twice in rinse to get rid of all detergent
  30. Hypoallergenic doesn’t always equals safe
  31. Take care of dry skin now so you don’t pay later
  32. Moisture is essential for your skin
  33. Legs and feet need extra care
  34. The department store is not reliable source of medical advice
  35. Beware of bacteria and steer clear of testers
  36. The best place to keep your makeup and skincare products is in the refrigerator
  37. Use a machine to polish your face
  38. Go for the glow – if exfoliating at home isn’t enough, have your skin polished at the doc’s office
  39. Acne doesn’t just ruin skin, it ruins self esteem too – just ask any teenager
  40. A good facial can unclog pores
  41. Treat red pimples with blue light
  42. Don’t despair if you’re over thirty and breaking out – nobody needs to know
  43. For the occasional blemish drugstore is enough
  44. The wrong makeup can make acne worse
  45. Treatment will improve acne scars but don’t expect miracles
  46. Not every adult with pimples has acne – it may be rosacea instead
  47. Change diet and habits to get rid of the red
  48. Zap away those broken blood vessels
  49. Don’t wait until wrinkles appear to start using antiaging products
  50. Antiaging creams and serums aren’t just a hype
  51. Good things come in tubes and pumps
  52. For instant rejuvenation get fillers
  53. Fillers don’t last as long on happy people (smilers and laughers use a lot of facial muscle wearing down the fillers more quickly)
  54. Exercise your body not your face
  55. With Botox less is more
  56. A fuller face looks younger
  57. Age spots and liver spots are just sun spots
  58. Laser treatments can remove many signs of sun damage
  59. Melasma doesn’t have to be permanent
  60. Treat stretch marks early
  61. Freeze fat don’t suction it
  62. Tighten before you cut
  63. Laser hair removal works if done correctly
  64. Alcohol and razors do mix
  65. Think before you ink
  66. Clean earrings every time you put them in
  67. For hair loss go to doctor
  68. Chicken skin does not belong to humans
  69. Take biotin for cracked brittle nails
  70. Don’t let your hands show your age
  71. Don’t let them see you sweat – use Botox (temporary fix to control sweating)
  72. Don’t scratch that bug bite
  73. Keep all cuts and scratches moist for better healing
  74. Surgical scars can be minimized
  75. Drink green tea – lots of it
  76. Eat right to look good
  77. Beauty sleep is no myth