My Thoughts: Becca Jacklyn Hill Highlighter – Champagne Pop

Becca Highlighter

I have loved Becca for its Beach Tints for a while and thought lets check out the new release highlighter. I saw this in pan, tried in store and impulsively bought it. On impulse it looks gorgeous, but thereafter all the problems start. When I returned home🏡, I noticed the glitter is chunkier than I’d prefer. Yes the light catches the highlight beautifully but seems tad excessive to me. Second problem emerged when I glanced at the ingredient listing, which starts off with a problem for my skin: Talc, x, x, Petrolatum, x, x, x, etc. Ermmmmm No.

Yes everyone in Blogosphere seems utterly gaga over this product, its in the rave phase and I don’t know why I fell for this. Generally I prefer to be the spectator to the rave, wait for it to die down and then form my opinion over it. Anyway I’m happily marching it back to Sephora. #thanksbutnothanks
Side note: I still have no idea who Jacklyn Hill is, based on minimal research I found out she is a “YouTube beauty celebrity” (as stated on Sephora site). I will stop talking at this point.



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