Darphin Smooth Retexturizing Radiance Cream


Darphin Ideal Resource range focuses on Anti-Aging and Radiance. For skins displaying first signs of aging and loss of radiance, Ideal Resource helps visibly erase wrinkles and imperfections while helping to revive the skin’s radiance.


Darphin Claims: At the heart of this deliciously rich cream, a unique trio of flowers acting in synergy to help rebuild the vital resources of younger-looking skin. Their combined properties have the power to improve skin texture, revive complexion luminosity and smooth away lines.

A very generous team at Darphin sent me this lush pot of goodness. Initially, I was very skeptical of this cream as I am with all creams. Usually I’m a very hard sell on face creams (want to know why, click here). But it’s Darphin and I’ve always loved Darphin’s lush products and was secretly hoping this was no different.

So….What is it? Basically a heavy glass pot of cream with light whipped texture. Smells like an amazing floral, I could bathe in that scent. Moving onto ingredient listing, this is by no means a “clean” formula!


In saying so, there are some lovely ingredients such as Sucrose, St. Pauls’ Wort, Hibiscus, Japanes Knotweed, Fennel Seed, Red Algae, Brown Alga, Barley extract, Hydrocotyl aka Indian Pennywort, Gingko Biloba, Tomato, Caffeine, Squalene, Sodium Hyaluronate and number of emollients, thickeners and preservatives (need a run down on these, click here).

No congestion or breakouts to report, considering it’s not a “clean” formula and there may be some ingredients which some may question. But like I’ve always said, ingredient listing takes you only so far and then its all on performance and end result.

Next up when I use it and how does it perform? This is what we really want to know!

After trial and error, I’ve been loving it as my makeup base, serious radiance, hydration and makeup does not budge (or roll with this as base).

IMG_8895.JPGAbsorbs instantly in the skin and leaves skin overall soft, plump, well moisturized and properly glowy. Not sweaty oily glowy, this is soft focus dim lit glowy (am I making sense?!). Also no silicony feels to this lush pot of cream (silicone texture makes me cringe, like nails on blackboard).

Alternatively, in evening’s, paired with Dr. Dennis Gross Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster, Major glow (read light bulb glow).

Of course its not cheap as chips, $90 for 50ml is still decent value and this pot will last a while. You need the pea size (literally) amount to schmear all over face and neck. Needless to mention (but I will), if you’ve got larger or smaller area to cover the quantity use will vary.

So what’s next on your Darphin list to try?





    1. Darphin seems to be so underrated. Have you tried their Aromatic Cleansing Balm? Smells amazing and it will have you hooked to the brand wanting more…a lot more! I’ve been wanting to try their purifying balm, sounds lovely.

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