Gel to Oil Cleansers


Some call them Gel to oil cleansers, some call them Jelly cleansers and some call them  Melting Gels/Cleansers… them what you may, they’ve been around for a while. They’re now gradually creeping up at various price points and catering to all budgets. My current faves are Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel (£28.00/$38), The Body Shop Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel Oil ($7.25 discounted on sale) and Yes to Coconut Ultra Hydrating Melting Cleanser ($9.99).

Quick snapshot on the ingredient and formulation of these cleansers:

  • Oskia – Vitamin A, B², C & E, Pumpkin fruit ferment extract, Borago Seed oil, Starflower oil, and Magnesium.
  • The Body Shop – Jojoba oil, Babassu oil, Salicylic Acid, Pelargonium graveolens oil, Summer lilac extract, Thyme extract, Mallow flower extract, Fennel oil, Citrus peel oil, Vanilla fruit extract, May Chang fruit oil, and Rose Damascena flower oil.
  • Yes to Coconut – Blended with Virgin Coconut oil and Moringa oil, Noni fruit, Banana fruit extract, Hibiscus flower extract, Guava fruit extract, Orchid flower extract and Kukui seed extract.

Now onto their operation mode, they’re excellent as second cleanse or morning cleanse. Although my preference for makeup removal lies with The Body Shop cleanser to dissolve every trace of that war paint. Upon contact with skin, they almost immediately melt in the skin to a lush oil. The oil emulsifies to a milky goodness when activated with water. The cleansers wash away impurities with it’s milkiness but removing with a hot cloth is much better way (imo).


Top-Oskia, Middle-The Body Shop, Bottom-Yes to Coconut

Each of them have a distinct scent note, with Oskia cleanser having the mildest scent. Followed by The Body Shop and Yes to Coconuts.

Seems like the cheaper cleansers packaging of choice are tubes, which work fabulously. I love that towards the end I can cut the tube and scoop out every last bit of the goodness. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of Oskia packaging. Its big, bulky and would never know when I’m close to the end, tad annoying.

In terms of travel, easiest to travel with is The Body Shop cleanser. Yes to Coco needs to be checked in baggage (118ml) and Oskia (as mentioned above) is big, bulky and inconvenient.

They leave the skin soft, supple and properly cleansed. These three musketeers are suited for all skin types, dry skin, oily skin, combination skin, blemished skin, dehydrated skin, sensitive skin, mature skin….and any other skin type I may have missed!

To conclude, which one is my all round fave?…..It’s The Body Shop Nutriganics cleanser, runners up Yes to Coconut and Oskia cleanser. Whilst Oskia is lighter and lovely in operation mode, it has its limitations on logistical practicality.

Have you tried any of these cleansers? What are your thoughts and experiences with cleansers in this category, leave in comments below.




  1. So glad I found your blog, as I have been following you on insta for sometime now! I myself have a cleansing gel from Yes To as well, except it’s from the Yes To Cucumber line and I love it along with the moisturiser!
    I actually wrote an article about those products xx

  2. I just hope they get the body shop cleanser back. I have saved it for my travels. 😆You hit the nail on the coffin …. a hot cloth is def needed to finish off the ritual. Yes to coco doesnt seem to be available here. Hopefully that ends soon. Now… oskia… i have yet to try that. Wish it was in a tube 😮 anyways, wonderful comparison. 👏👏👏

  3. I was shocked over how poorly the Oskia one performed when I finally got my hands on a sample. Imo it’s just greasy and hardly dissolves anything, and leaving a waxy feeling… 😥 Maybe my sample’s gone bad? So disappointing!

  4. I really want to try the Body Shop one as I do think the Oskia is really overpriced for what it is – I can never seem to find it and heard it might be discontinued. Hope it isn’t true as it sounds amazing and contains so many of my favourite ingredients! Xx

    Jasmine Talks Beauty

    1. Sadly it is discontinued but they say it’s coming back in July 2016. Until then hang in there😊 You’re right Oskia is slightly overpriced for what it is, but the blogger hype has escalated it to a new level!

  5. Clinique facial soap skin type 1 extra mild is kind of gel to oil cleansers, i think. They named it as “soap” which i don’t know why but it does not foam; just becomes oil when applied and rinses off turning in milkysh way. I do apply it with dry hands to dry face, it is the best way to use because if your skin is wet, it just stucks in somewhere you just applied and does not move around. But with dry hands to dry face it is perfect for morning cleanse. You might give a try 🙂

    Love to read you always!!

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