LOLI Beauty


The domain of Subscriptions Boxes is so excruciatingly mundane and boring, same old thing with a bunch of ‘deluxe sized samples’. Of which more than half the times I don’t like the products, I don’t like the brand, I don’t need the product and before I realize another month passes by and my $10-$15 down the deluxe sample sized drain!


Few weeks ago, I was contacted with an interesting concept, which kinda tickled my DIY  soul! LOLI Beauty is a sub box service which packages natural products with high quality, ethically sourced organic ingredients, including blending recipes.


Week later, my first package arrived with a Ghee cleanser (with mix of other oils), Matcha Latte Peel, Fruit Smoothie Peel, More Mojo and Peace Out Essential Oils, stirring spoon & bowl, pipette to dispense oils.


Of course needless to mention, I couldn’t wait to get stuck in to. It also had a recipe card, which I did not refer to (honest confession). I started mixing my own thing, I had no idea what I was doing, but it was sooo much fun.


Mixed it all, slathered and sat back. The peel powder was slightly gritty giving right level of exfoliation, the ghee cleanser moisturized skin so well and essential oils made it a relaxing experience. Days later my experiments continued till my inner wild creative beast wasn’t fulfilled.


Month passed and then I received another box, with brand new ingredients. Of course it tickled my fancy and decided to refer to all cards this time (for sake of an informed blog post).


Immediately as I glanced at the cards, I LOVED it. Not only full break down of ingredients but also details on its source and level of purity. In natural skincare world, these things are sooo crucial because poor quality ingredients basically equates to poor products with possible skin reactions.


It also includes Tips on how to use each product in isolation or combinations with each other. However, I’ve also been mixing and matching ingredients from previous box, and the creations are endless.


The possibilities and concoctions seem endless and your creative blending juices can flow and flow away! Have you tried this box? or tried any other box with a similar concept?



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