Hair & Scalp Serum Treatments

As I started drafting the post on hair serums & treatments, I soon realized they’re two separate categories on our hands, hair serum intended for hair strands away from roots and secondly scalp serum, intended for topical application on your scalp. Overall, scalp health is one of the most crucial factors around hair loss and health of hair strands.

Scalp Treatment – Vegamour GRO Hair Serum – Website states, A proprietary plant-based blend with a combination of clinically-tested vegan actives known in some subjects to inhibit the production of Dihydrotestosterone (DHT, I have a separate post specifically on this and ingredients to look for) & miRNA22, promote healthy circulation, soothe scalp irritation as well as revitalize & strengthen roots. Very light watery serum (lighter than Ordinary) and absorbs instantly. I like to massage on specific spots to encourage growth. It made my hair appear bouncier and fluffier after each application. Formulated with Caffeine, Turmeric, Panthenol, Red Clover, Biotin and Peptide. As with any hair product, I need more time to test for proper results however, I find myself reaching for this actively.

One of the main ingredient of difference between Vegamour and Ordinary serum is inclusion of Alcohol Denat (listed as third on inci list and can be felt in the consistency and upon application – no stinging or burning, just feels like it evaporates quickly) which some with very sensitive scalps may find it irritating, however I had no such issues.

Scalp TreatmentThe Ordinary Hair Density Serum, a light watery (slightly denser than water) serum that doesn’t leave any sticky residue or result in an oily scalp. Although caveat to that is it does need to be massaged in well so it dissipates evenly else you will notice slight residue. Few drops in areas that need dire help and over time I’ve seen slow growth specifically in those areas (around my temples). Formulated with trademarked peptide complexes, Caffeine (1% by weight), Larch wood extract, etc. I would stock up on this next sale.

Scalp Treatment – OGX Niacin & Caffeine (discontinued🤬), so I don’t see much point in elaborating how amazing this was but what stood out were the ingredients Niacin, Caffeine and Saw Palmetto (natural DHT blocker, i.e. hormone that contributes to hair loss). Talking about DHT could be a post in itself, let me know if you’d like a separate post. In the same spirit, looked for other products with these ingredients to help with the situation

Scalp Treatment – Weleda Revitalising Hair Tonic, feels refreshing on scalp but high in alcohol. Can’t say alcohol caused any issues with my scalp but for some sensitive skins it might. Also can’t say I have had any visible results with this. Indeed this gives a voluminous feel to mane.

Scalp Treatment – Aveda Invati Advanced Scalp Revitalizer – instantly adds texture to my hair. They claim, it thickens to help lift hair at the root and invigorates the scalp when massaged in. It smells of a gorgeous herbal earthy concoction, the liquid itself feels heavy on my scalp and leaves my scalp tad sticky. In terms of visible results, cannot rave. my scalp and hair. Perhaps consistency would be the key in seeing results, but when scalp and hair feel oily and hay like, consistency is also tricky.

Next few serums are specifically focusing on serum for hair strands:

Hair Serum – Christophe Robin Regenerating Serum with Prickly Pear Oil – If you’ve used Prickly Pear line (specifically mask and shampoo) you will know in part what to expect from this. A creamy consistency, multi purpose serum aimed to serve as heat protectant, and improve overall health of hair strands (including split ends or dry or frizzy hair). And I have seen this does exactly what it claims. My hair strand definitely feels healthier, more nourished without it being weighed down. I’ve used one pump daily on wet and dry hair, and somehow I prefer this on dry hair because it almost behaves like a leave in conditioner but better. Not to mention that gorgeous aroma from this line mmmmm, love!

Hair Serum – Antonin B Ceramides Enriched Desert Serum showcased in LE Boxwalla, was a new brand discovery for me. This oil serum is particularly suitable for dry, color treated or chemically processed hair. It is formulated to deeply penetrate your hair and makes it stronger, softer and healthier without weighing it down. It is an oil based serum and all you need is a drop or two (depending on hair length and volume). With my fine hair, it is easier to go overboard and ends up making my hair oily at the ends. So it is imperative to stick to a drop and no more. But it does help with dry lifeless ends, bring vitality back. I can see this working incredibly well for colour treated and daily blowouts hair.

Hair Serum – Levara Amazonia Hair Growth Treatment Serum – This particular hair serum had me all over with its inci list specifically, potent formula rich in Yerba Mate, Saw Palmetto (more on this specific ingredient in next post). However inci list had me baffled with Aqua, Phenoxyethanol (75%)….ermm so preservative is right on top composing majority of the formula and actives much later. Someone from this company needs to break this down for me. Secondly, directions of use state, “Distribute evenly through damp or dry hair. No need to rinse, this serum is designed to be left in. Use once daily to unlock your hair growth potential.” So I interpret this as application on hair strands, however website also includes, “Made with a cocktail of intelligent haircare ingredients, this intensive leave-in serum helps to achieve fuller, healthier, thicker locks by stimulating the scalp to promote healthy hair follicles.” Stimulating scalp it says, but directions state apply to hair, so which is it. Application to hair or scalp or both? Needless to say, still testing but it does leave hair sticky and clumpy.

Hair Leave in Moisture treatments are always focused away from hair roots:

Christophe Robin Sandalwood Hair Cream & Prickly Pear Multi purpose balm, these two are amazing. End of story. I have a separate post on hair creams (let me know if you want to be linked to), but these provide that instant hydration and moisture to hair ends. They appear healthy and tamed (doesn’t feel sticky or clumpy or oily). Of course they both smell incredible, always a bonus.

Kerastase Elixir Ultime is used mainly on second or third or fourth day when my hair needs shine and movement under all that texture. Adore the scent, however given its laden with silicones I use no more than a pump on my fine hair (bottom half only). If you’re an ardent fan of heat styling, definitely a good heat protector.

Mauli Grow Strong Hair Oil is a wonderful version of hair oil departing from traditional Ayurvedic oils which can be unpleasant. I apply mainly on my ends and doesn’t feel heavy or sticky at all. Over time I’ve noticed more nourished roots as well.



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