BinitaHi and Welcome to my site.

Like every little girl growing up, I loved sneaking in my Mum’s dresser, locking the room and venturing in the world of different colors and textures. Clearly the obsession started at a very young and tender age and I have only my Mum to blame (hope she skips reading this bit!). Always have an eye out to keep up with current beauty and fashion trends. An avid online shopper, beautyholic, palette for all things edible and very curious globetrotter.

You can directly reach me on HiddenHarmonyWorld@gmail.com

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  1. Hey Hi, I recently started following you on Intagram and thought you have by far the best page and blog in this category. Looking forward to read and learn lot more on skincare through your blog.

  2. Hi Hun hey I just wanted to know more about why you are so interested in the ingredients in products also the PH sticks why do you test? Im very intrigued do i need this book too? Thanks Heaps Franca aka Frankiepella on insta x

    1. Oh darl I could go on endlessly why ingredient listing is so important! Not only it helps understand the product, its efficacy, performance and you know if you’re paying the right price for it. For eg if a company charges you $100 for tub of moisturizer and has mineral oil in ingredient listing, they’re looting you. It would cost the company not even $10 at bulk to substitute with cheaper ingredient. As for ph strips it’s just my passion. I like to test the ph level to confirm its acidity or alkanity. Not something you need. Most ingredients can be googled don’t need a book for that. Hope this helps you understand xx

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