Power of Red Lips

Let’s play a word association game. When someone says the word “red lips” to you what is the first thing that comes to your mind.

In my head several words emerge such as sexy/sexual, powerful, alluring, empowering, seduction, sophisticated, deceiving, classic, statement, hot, passionate, love, attention, and many more. Over the years we have seen or read endless posts or articles on how to choose a perfect red, which skin tone should go for bluish red or orangey red….blah blah blah. I for one, don’t want to refer to rule books to define what and how to use this color. I believe if you’re confident and poised enough to pull off the look, so be it.

Having said all of that, these are some of my personal favorites red lipsticks. I adore them for number of reasons, such as how it makes me feel, evokes wonderful memories…and list could go on.

Red Lipsticks

(From left to right)

Flormar D40 (Turkish Brand) – My work red, sheer finish and not in your face but subtly hinting I like red lips.

Mac Hot TahitiDitto above.

Estee Lauder After Hours Red – Christmas….thats all I think of. This shade has some shimmer to it which gives it wonderful dimension. The red is more on pinkish end. 

Mac Lady Danger – Notorious, irresponsible riot is all I think of when I wear this lipstick. Loud, orangey red, completely in your face. Unapologetically screams for attention.

Mac Russian Red – Ah this one would be classic red with a pop of brightness. Love this color, classic red but on my skin tone it looks bright but perfect! I think absolutely anyone can work the heck out of this shade.

Chambor 704 – easy to pull off with slight bricky tone to it. This lipstick gives minty sensation when applied to lips straight from bullet. Again absolutely anyone can pull it off.

NYX Hero – for me this is a classic red – poster girl type red, screams old school elegance and sophistication. So creamy on application, this lipstick is an absolute steal at its price.

Wet n Wild Cherry Bomb – Cheap as chips, great pigmentation. Intense dark cherry when I feel fierce.

So tell me, what are your favorite red lipsticks? How do you feel when you use red lipsticks?