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Kiko Make Up Goodies – Haul

P1010075A few years ago, on my trip to Italy I got obsessed with Kiko, every city I went there was a Kiko store on every corner. I guess it was competing with the number of trattoria’s on every corner. So on my recent trip to Miami to escape the winter of Chicago, strolling along Lincoln Road Mall I saw Kiko Makeup store. Lo and behold I squealed with excitement and ran in the store. Kiko is on trend at very affordable prices. You get to try, swatch, basically play to your heart’s content. Win win for me. Here’s what I purchased:

1. Universal Fit Hydrating Fluid Foundation – Separate review coming soon. To give you heads up, I friggin Love it!

2. Precision Lip Pencil (Shade 308 Bordeaux) – Dare I say, this one gives my beloved Mac lip pencils a run for its money. One stroke with smooth pigmented application.

3. Luscious Cream Lipstick (Shade 512 Plum) – this is dabomb.com Smooth, creamy, hydrating, non-drying, richly pigmented, just glides and no bleeds. Sounds like the ultimate lipstick, well for that price ($9) it is!

4. Daring Game (limited edition) Face Brush – the uniqueness of this brush is what made me purchase this. Plain and simple as that. I haven’t used it as because I don’t want to ruin how beautiful it looks in my clean brushes stand (I guess its fair to conclude I have an ongoing thing for clean beautiful brushes).

Unfortunately, the store has limited products introduced to the USA market. And even more unfortunate the stores are only in limited cities across USA. Kiko if you’re reading this, now is a good time to open a store in Chicago (just recommending).

Have you tried any of their products? What do you think?