Hair Care

Good Hair Housekeeping Practices

Today’s post captures basic hair housekeeping practices which do make a difference in the long run.
Hair reference: I have fine, volume less hair with hair loss issues which caused mild baldish patches near my temples, and top near hairline.

Washing – long story short, wash no more than 2 times a week. Washing to remove dead skin on scalp, removes excess oil, sweat and product build up. For those suggesting sulphate free shampoos are the way to go, I would say not necessary. For me personally, I found sulphate shampoos performed better than the other version. I’ve yet to find a sulphate free shampoo that I love. For me aside from cleansing scalp, I like volumising shampoos. I’ve always said, for my fine limp hair I need va va volume. Long time loyalist of Christophe Robin range, his cleansing & volumising pastes (Rose & Rhassoul or other one with Tahitian Algae both tick boxes for me) are the best in this arena. For those who believe that some shampoos are able to help stop or slow hair loss, nope. No it’s not on scalp for long enough to do much, much like a face cleanser with actives. It ain’t gonna do much! In saying so, I’m currently testing Caffeine shampoo intended to leave on scalp for 2-3mins however I’ve yet to assess its impact.
Post wash, always towel dried my hair. Keep it in my hair towel till it absorbs most water from my hair, and then extract as much water from my hair.

Hair Brushing & Detangling – a very split view on this topic. Some suggested I slow down on brushing my hair, given the rate of lumps of hair loss (and hair bunches stuck in my paddle brush) and some said 100 effin strokes to stimulate growth. Safe to say, I have tried both and have come to a conclusion to be guided by your scalp condition. The mental stress and psychological impact of brushing and seeing lumps on floor and hair brush had me in tears on my bathroom floor. So take your time with this, and to untangle your hair gently run your fingers through your hair to release the knots and pressure on follicles of your hair.
Also, when detangling hair knots, please go from bottom of your strands to top, gently work your way up. The pull and tug stress on your hair roots & follicles results in breakage. Slow down, breathe and one knot at a time, bloody time consuming but better than being on bathroom floor sobbing.

Scalp Massage, yes gentle stimulation is needed. Now that be with finger tips, or hair brushes or scalp massaging tools is really up to you. All this while I have flipped my head and gently massaged with finger tips. Recently I’ve discovered Vegamour silicone revitalizing massager which I’m really enjoying. Circular motions, as gentle or vigorous massage (its one way or another, its incredibly relaxing). I’ve always massaged in dry hair, except gentle massage when washing my hair.

Other Scalp Treatment Options, High Frequency helps with improving hair quality, strengthening the follicles, overall density and elasticity of hair. Another option which I’ve not personally tried and will refer to Chrissy @honeyanddewskin for Jet Peel. Surely she can guide you through and offer more information. Basically this procedure, offers scalp exfoliation to aid with hair loss and thinning – a high velocity air pressure with Detox Water (aloe, saline and silver oxide) to gently exfoliate and deeply cleanse scalp.

Buns and fabrics for hair, I’m a serial Bun Shover or I say, just ‘Bun it’ (it’s a verb in my world). Anything it will be shoved up in a bun. I rarely go very short with my hair because I cannot bun it. But two strong caveats to that are, 1. it should Not be too tight that you’d pull, tug and stress your scalp and hair follicles, & 2. The choice of hair tie. I recommend silk bands for least possible breakage. Silk ties, bands, pillow cases….all worth the investment. My personal choice is 100% Mulberry Silk. For night snooze, I tie a loose pony tail to able to rest on my pillow.

Heating & Styling, haha this is a joke in my world because I’m a serial Bun shover (please see note above). Ok on a serious note, AVOID heating and heat styling (irons, curl tongs, blow drys) like a plague. For drying my hair, I just flip my head and air dry that’s it, no more. For me styling entails, adding volume and texture products. This also means nothing on my scalp to avoid any possible product build up. My love here is Christophe Robin Rose Volume mist, which goes strictly on my strands and least 2 inches away from hair roots. The liquid itself is light and doesn’t clump my hair or make it feel like hay. Provides a good balance of texture with moisture.