Hair Mask

Birchbox – December 2014

Hello Lovelies, its Birchbox time again! Unfortunately the delivery of my box was delayed and I’m assuming the postal services were inundated with loved ones sending Christmas goodies across the states. Anyway, here’s what was I received in moi box:


P1000966Amika Nourishing Mask – yet to try, however I’m completely over receiving hair products in my box.

Embryolisse Lait – Creme Concentre – Hmmm this is a tricky one, I’m aware its received a cult status among UK beauty bloggers. However one ingredient of this product may not suit my sensitive acne prone skin which is Paraffinum Liquidium. I might patch test on my jaw and then work my way to the rest of my face. Obvs very apprehensive about this one!

Essentiel Elements Wake up Rosemary Body Gel– So here how it goes, smells good. But seriously Birchbox, this a complete cop out. Body Wash!!! I was hoping for something more special for Christmas. Yes more special than a darn body wash!

Mirenesse iCurl Secret Weapon – One can have never have enough mascaras, as simple as that. This was a sample choice and I’m yet to try. If it doesn’t work for my upper lashes, with the brush being so small I can use on my lower lashes, win win.

Rusk Texture Spray – Put simply, Bloody Fab! I’m buying the full size product. It has given my fine, limp hair new life. It feels thicker, more manageable and gosh the Volume. Defo Buy.

Overall, the box left me very very underwhelmed this month with slow delivery, hair mask and body wash. The texture spray and the box itself (bright blue with golden polka dots) were a saving grace.

Did you like or love your box this month? Let me know in comments below.



Wine Tasting – Vineyard Skincare Edition

P1000826Recently when I published my weekly Good Morning post, in my comments section I found out A Vibrant Day was soon visiting Napa Valley. So I reminisced my recent visit and remembered all that wine tasting (strictly tasting) wreaked slight havoc on my skin. I know red wine (my personal preference) is packed with goodness of antioxidants however they never fully transferred to my skin. So here’s a quick guide to skincare essentials for a getaway to the wine region.

Goes without saying, plenty of water to keep everything hydrated and ensure continuous flushing of toxins from your system. Grazing healthy snacks all day helps since the alcohol doesn’t mix as quickly with your bloodstream and you stand a better chance of covering more wine tastings;)

I really hope you have a fab trip and I can’t wait for my next one 😉