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Perfume Review – Floral Street Black Lotus


Floral Street is a London brand, basically disrupting the perfume industry as we know it. The brand claims it is about ease, modernity and joy.

  1. Introducing The FragranceBlack Lotus is a unisex fragrance launched in 2017. The nose behind this fume is Jerome Epinette (also behind many Atelier Cologne fragrances, Byredo, Bjork & berries, Commodity Velvet, Vilhelm Parfumerie and even some Zara fumes). Basic expectation in the brief suggests Rose, Pink Pepper and Saffron. Also suggests this fume is for wild, feisty, rebellious and intoxicating personality (agree with every single one of em).
  2. Notes Composition – Thick rose & saffron jam enveloped in deep, warm, spicy notes. Florals used in this are Centifolia Rose, Narcotic Musk and Patchouli. To me the opening, screams with rose and pink peppercorn. Few seconds later, the patchouli opens with this spicy warmth and final dry down is spicy saffron with very noticeable leather (which I think makes the perfume last much longer).  
  3. Wake & Strength – Sillage is definitely strong on this one, enough to make heads turn and follow/stalk you. Projection in my view is also on stronger side, our waiter while taking the order was able to comment on the fragrance, so surely strong. The longevity is wonderful and long (as you’d expect from eau de parfum, and indicates strong base notes in the composition), overnight in my instance. When shower steam hits the skin, it is an intoxicating scent.
  4. Presentation, Packaging & Value – The bottle itself is beautiful, surely screams Floral based on presentation. The ergonomics of holding the bottle and spritzing is very comfortable. Understandably it is quite a subjective area, but it would appeal to wider audience. One of most important aspect, the atomizer, how does it mist? It’s mediocre, while not a water gun, the mist is also not a cloud. Outer packaging is typically thrown away, rarely do we keep boxes. In light of that, the brand have chosen a responsible and sustainable choice of recyclable, bio degradable boxes. The fume is valued at £58.00, AUD$109 – 50ml Eau de Parfume, I think is really good value.
  5. Third Party Feedback – I have worn this fragrance around my family and friends, during day and evening time. Most of the feedback I’ve received has been positive, however received one remark that it is properly strong and can be easily overdone. Not necessarily a bad comment, just need to tread carefully (one to two spritzes and that’s it). 
  6. Audience Suitability – While I’m not one to categorize a perfume based on age, I see this to be worn by slightly more mature and wild personalities (20 year old can also have a mature responsibility). As the brief suggested, wild, feisty, rebellious and intoxicating, it hits on the spot. I don’t see a unicorn and glitter loving person to fall for this fragrance. If you like sparkly, fruity perfume, this is not it. If you love deep, spicy, warm tobacco, this is You!. This fragrance is surely an evening, or night time fragrance for me. Occassion I would limit this is to romantic evening or an evening with friends, formal event and surely steer away from office wear, or morning wear (could nauseate someone with a sensitivo nose).
  7. Seasonality – I think this fragrance will particularly excel in autumnal or winter evening, given it has this warmth to it and cosiness to it. This will be overpowering for humid and hot evening. Almost too much to put you off. 
  8. Scoring and Conclusion – overall my rating for this is 3.9/5 – losing a point, purely for its limited versatility across seasons, occasions and day time wear. 

*product gifted