L’Erbolario Myrrhae

My Autumn/Fall Fragrances – Part Un


As the seasons change my preferences for fragrances change. These are some of the fragrances I have been reaching out for lately:

L’occitane Ambre (sadly discontinued) 

Top notes are bergamot and freesia; Middle notes: labdanum and tonka bean; Base notes: amber, vanilla and cedar.

I absolutely adore this fragrance, been through 3 bottles in its time. I wonder why L’occitane decided to discontinue it. I can barely get the top note of bergamot on my skin, but the middle and base notes are intense and last all day on my skin. The amber and cedar develops into a warm, cosy, balmy fragrance with an incredibly comforting feeling.

Chanel No.19

Top notes: green notes and bergamot. Middle notes: May rose and iris. Base notes: vetiver, oakmoss and leather.

Oh my, how much I love this fragrance. It makes me feel like a lady, a proper lady. It starts off on a very strong sophisticated clean note, sharp, crisp, defined, and heady much like an intimidating lady. But as it settles on skin and you get to know her, you realize she is warm, sensual, elegant, and an essence of perfection.

Prada ‘Amber’ Eau da Parfum 

Top notes: bergamot, bitter orange, mandarin, mimosa absolute; Middle notes: rose absolute, patchouli absolute; Base notes: labdanum, Tonka beans, vanilla, sandalwood, benzoin

I really don’t like its opening notes, it does put me off. But this one requires patience, and as you persist with it you will experience most creamy seduction of vanilla, with patchouli and rose. It dark, sexy and enduring.

L’Erbolario Myrrhae 

Notes include: myrhh, incense, ginger and clary sage.

I have a love hate relationship with this fragrance. It starts off intensely sweet powdery scent and then as it settles in a couple of hours I smell myrrh with ginger. I have experienced purest form of incense and this one smells very synthetic, and unpleasant. Overall the concoction is wonderful so I prefer to spray on collar of my shirt or scarf. Mixed feelings.

What are some of your favorites for the season or perhaps an all time favorite?