My Thoughts: Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Waterly Essence SPF 50+ sunscreen


East Asian skincare is way ahead of our times in terms of skincare technology and ingredients. Naturally due to difference in cultural beliefs they market their products differently however this sunscreen is da bomb!

Its SPF 50+ (protection from UVB) and PA+++ (protection from UVA) for face and body. The sunscreen claims it has water base unlike conventional sunscreens which is gloopy blob which blocks pores, causes breakouts, leave white cast and overall leaves us with an unpleasant experience. In saying so, it is still a chemical sunscreen and personally I prefer chemical. I’m aware there are different schools of thought on this one, but this is my personal preference.

It contains Hyaluronic acid which ensures hydration for skin. The texture looks like ‘yoghurt gone bad-stage 1’ with tiny particles which on contact with skin emulsify and leaves the skin feeling fresh with fruity (not sickening at all) scent and cooling sensation. It doesn’t have a white cast and I’ve had no problems photographing this sans makeup. Unlike old school sunscreens, the cleansing process of this sunscreen is super trouper easy. No greasy residue at all.

I’ve tried other variants of sunscreen from Biore range, with whitening complex watery base (separate review coming soon) which I equally loved and cherished.

I’ve been through multiple tubes of this and always keep backups. One can never have enough sunscreen. Although I really wish they came in super-size tube like family size. After all, sun and sex need adequate protection <cheeky grin>.

Biore Sarasara UV Aqua Rich Waterly Essence SPF 50+ sunscreen – $11



My Poolside Essentials


Whilst the summer is crisp and crashing at the pool has become part of daily life. Here’s what I take to the pool with me:

P1000673Poolside – Look Pretty

Sunscreen – reapplication every 2 hours

Aloe Vera Gel – calm my skin down

Leave in Conditioner – chlorine water can murder my hair, leave in conditioner certainly helps retain some moisture

SPF Lip Balm – Tinted – protect lips but still look pretty with slight dash of color

Poolside – Keep me Entertained

My phone and Headphones


Ice Tea or Water to stay Hydrated

Protein bars stashed in my tote incase I’m pekish!

Poolside – Accessories


Hat – hate sunburn on my face or hot head, period!

Also I always tend to keep a debit or credit card in my bag, in case I want to buy a mojito!