How can we keep H2O interesting and consume more?

8 Glasses a day

We’ve all been preached gazillion times before to drink 8-10 glasses of water to ensure healthy hair, skin and health in general. But let’s face it, water isn’t exactly vodka which leaves us with craving more. This post certainly isn’t gonna give water the buzz that you would have from vodka consumption but hopefully it gives you some helpful tips of how water can be consumed more. Our relationship with water needs work to keep it interesting and this is how I work at it:

  • Healthy Teas – I love green teas (antioxidants) and flavored teas minus ANY sugar or any form artificial sweeteners
  • Fruitilicious – sliced oranges, lemon, lime, grapefruit, berries…whatever you prefer
  • Hungry or Thirsty? – When you’re feeling tad pekish, I would recommend first having a glass of water to determine if your body is truly hungry or thirsty
  • Temperature Game – Good ol’ plain water at any temperature icy cold, lukewarm, hot whatever tickles your fancy. For me personally lukewarm to hot water
  • One for one – in order to flush toxins from system especially when you consume copious amounts Caffeine or Alcohol or Wine. For every glass of caffeine, alcohol or wine you have, have one glass of water. Follow an alternating sequence wine-water, wine-water, wine-water……….this way you eliminate crappy feeling next morning. Helps with unwanted face swelling, bloating, quessy tummy, all that good stuff
  • Hourly reminders – Set reminders on your phone to have a glass of water, this way you are compelled to get up and get some H2O (that’s why Siri was invented!)
  • Before & After – have a glass before and after meal each meal and this way you don’t over eat

How do you manage your water intake? How do you ensure your body has had enough water? Share your tips in comments below.



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