Taming my Mane

Before I dive into any elaborate procedures or talk about products quick note on my ‘Hair Facts‘.

IMG_8869Length wise: Longish (below shoulder). Colour: Brunette, dark coffee brown. Texture: Fine Hair, Pin Straight and lots of it. Torture Levels: Never coloured, Blow dry on special occasions (don’t bother because no curl or wave stays put, for more than 2-3 hours) and use minimal styling goop. Styling: Almost Always in a BUN. Or Just down running wild and free. Issues: Volume, Volume, Volume, ermmm did I mention Volume? My hair tends to look flat if I don’t have any volumising or sea salt spray or some form of texturizer. And lastly, very easily prone to knots.

Heads Up (pun intended) there will be references to ‘someone sitting on top of my head’. Kindly do not translate that literally, it means my hair looks Flat like glued to my scull.


Hair Oils have been a relatively new thing for the Western world. However I’ve been using hair oils since I was little girl. At the time I hated the glooopy greasyy feel but today I’m so thankful my mother decided to traumatize me like that. It was truly worth it. This ritual is conducted 2ish times a week, and always left overnight.

I have a rather wide range of hair oils to choose from, brands are limited, however class of hair oils vary. Castor Oil (on ends encourages growth, including eyebrow and lashes), Almond Oil (grew up with that on my head). Other regular suspects include Forest Essentials Sugandha (Vetiver, Hibiscus, virgin coconut and other botanicals), Bhringraj (Black Sesame and virgin Coconut Oil along with Goat’s Milk and Herbal Extracts), Brahmi (discontinued – basil leaves, licorice, cumin, virgin coconut oil) and Aveda Men Pure Formance Composition and Hello Hair. If you’d like reviews specifically on any of these, please leave comments below.


Shampoo Ohhhh I have commitment issues with Shampoo’s. It’s almost like my mop of hair is a complete whore and needs a change of shampoo all the time. My hair cannot get use to one shampoo, should I use something consistently it looks like someone’s planted their back side on my head.

The Mo Faves include: Kama Ayurveda Rose & Jasmine (SLS free and smells bloody amazing) my reigning fav of the moment. Followed by Ducray and Klorane. Frequency to shampoo is usually every 3rd day. Extended to the 4th day, with varying laziness levels.


Conditioner & Mask I DON’T use Conditioners! Yes you read that correctly, no conditioner because it makes my hair look flat like someone is sitting on top of it. However I use Hair Mask on my ends. This step needs to be Silicone free for me.

Any fine hair person would know, silicone and fine hair is BAD combo. So this mask Christophe Robin Regenerating Mask with Pricky Pear Oil is god sent for us flat fine hair peeps. Retains hydration in locks, keeps the movement and doesn’t make it heavy


After Shampoo Ritual Towel dried for good 15 mins, I hydrate and nourish hair. My All time Faves include Phyto 7 for summer or Phyto 9 for winter (ahh the non sticky, silky smooth glossy hair) or Kevin Murphy Body Guard Hydrating Lotion for Hair (now discontinued so I seriously ration my use). Also trialing Forest Essentials Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj for hair loss (don’t think it has helped my hair at all but my hair smells lovely).


Finally to address va va voom volume issues, some sea salt spray or Colab Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume for texturizing and addressing that non existent ‘being’ sitting on the top. Of course on day 2-3 I use dry shampoo to get rid of any oiliness. In addition, to also using Klorane Dry Shampoo which I find works fine if I intend on twisting my hair in a voluminous bun, but if I want to let it down….not a good option. I’ve tried many sea salt sprays but I’ve only ever ‘used them up’ to welcome them in my Mission Empties basket, never repurchased them which speaks volumes (pun intended again!). My all time fav hair spray is Aveda Air Control (LOVE the smell), and controls all fly aways.

If you have any recommendations on products I should try based on my hair type and issues, please leave comment below.





  1. I have thin whore hair too with attitude. That summer salad mix of genes makes my hair unidentifiable. Not black, not white, not exactly native, not hispanic but a good mix of all the above – see? I never by the huge bottle of shampoo – hair gets tired and wants to move on. I do color my hair because grays and I did not gray gracefully – I had to go the whole skunk route with the gray temples. A distinguished looked on gentlemen but absolutely horrid on a woman with yellow undertones. I have had my eye on that Christophe Robin mask but never took the plunge because again… whore hair that does not want to commit to a big expensive bottle of any thing. I might try it now. Lovely review of your lush locks!!!

  2. I feel as though I am your long lost blonde haired sister 😉 As I have seemingly identical hair type/issues- which I’ve never encountered someone with the same type hair. I do get my hair colored 2-3x/yr but leave for work every day with wet hair. I’d love to learn more about your routine (I apologize in advance for the multiple questions). Do you wash your hair every day? Could you elaborate on the hair oil, how often do you use it, do you sleep on your sheets with the oil in the hair? How often do you suggest using the cristophe robin mask? I’ve never heard of hair lotions/creams, is this more of a substitute for conditioner? Do you use it every day? Lastly, any recommendations on sea salt sprays? I’ve used plenty of dry shampoos but never tried sea salt spray. Again sorry for all the questions I just got so excited to see this post!!

    1. Thank you for taking the time to read, now I will do my best to answer your Q’s:
      Do you wash your hair every day? No – twice or thrice a week.
      Could you elaborate on the hair oil, how often do you use it, do you sleep on your sheets with the oil in the hair? Any standalone oil (coconut, neem, argan, almond, castor) or concoctions by brands like Forest Essentials, Kama Ayurveda, Hello Hair etc work brilliantly. I tend to use them least twice a week and leave it on overnight. Following morning wash and mask (Christophe Robin) my hair.
      How often do you suggest using the cristophe robin mask? Once a week – but largely depends on hair. Sometimes when ends feel very dry I apply only on ends.
      I’ve never heard of hair lotions/creams, is this more of a substitute for conditioner? Its more of a leave in option if you prefer.
      Do you use it every day? No it will kill my volume.
      Lastly, any recommendations on sea salt sprays? This has been a never ending quest, lately I’ve been loving Colab Extreme Dry Shampoo as texturizer and volume amplifier.
      Hope this answers all your questions 🙂 xx

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